About Us:

If you were at the doctor, you’d want the correct diagnosis… right?

DYC is about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

The fearless versions.

And before I tell you anything else, let me say this…

It’s HARD being yourself. At least by our definition.

There’s peer pressure, social influences, the law, parents, etc.

I mean, everywhere you look…

It seems like there are people who’s job it is to shoot you down for standing out.

There were 5 crabs in a bucket….

The bucket was about a foot high and had no lid. Yet, after 5 minutes of the crabs trying, struggling, failing to get out of the bucket, not a single one of them could do it.


Because once one would finally start climbing out of the bucket, the rest of the crabs on the bottom would grab it and drag it back into captivity.

Every crab fisher knows this, you don’t need to bring a lid to keep crabs in a bucket.


Why would I share this with you?

Because our job here at Do You Crew is to remove all the crabs trying to bring you down in life. And believe me, there’s a TON — most of which, you’re not aware of.

We arm you with information, as well as access to a community of members, all geared towards helping you achieve your wildest dreams. In other words, to…


Our goal: personal freedom.

And when I say personal freedom, I don’t mean the “woo-woo”, bullshit that you’ll hear around the internet and other outlets.

This is some real sh*t.

Our definition of personal freedom is basically this…Freedom to be what you want to be. Rich, popular, successful, happy… whatever you want to be.

We got your back. And so does everyone else in the crew. Unlike most of the people flapping, helplessly drowning, in the sea of mediocrity.

Looking elsewhere, people will tell you all these things that make you feel good about yourself. Stuff that doesn’t work.

And that’s all well and good, but that’s not going to make any real difference in your life.

Problem: Those people are in it for the money. They want to get a following — to sound good.

Me, I don’t give a flying f*ck. I tell you what you need to hear.

Quick tip: Anyone who tells you that “its not your fault” or that it’s okay, is not someone worth listening to.

Because the truth is, it’s NOT okay. You have sucked up until now. Harder than a Dyson vacuum on high. The way you feel right now is proof. Lets get you out of that funk and get you HAPPY!

^^ Thats what all the successful people will tell you (me). The people that will get you results.

You do want results… right?

If you were sick, you’d need a doctor who is going to give you the right diagnosis… correct?

You’ll get that here.

You’ll get the medicine you need.

And then you’ll be on your way, killing sh*t like you never thought you could.

And you’ll even get to share your transformational experiences with the rest of the community, all working towards that one giant goal:

Winning that war. 

Can’t wait to see you victorious, on the other side! I’ll be waiting.

Now get to training, soldier! You’ve got a lot of work to do.

And one last note. From now on….