Quick Eminem Lesson..

We all know about the rapper by the name of Marshall Mathers.

Better known as Eminem.

Today is going to be quick story about him and a particular rap battle in the movie (and true story) “8 mile”.

And how you can use Eminem’s methods to destroy the criticisms that are tearing your self confidence down.

If you are unfamiliar with the scene I’m referring, click here to watch it. It’s only like 30 seconds, I just need you to hear a specific part. If you want to hear the rest of the rap, go for it. I like it too 🙂


“I am white, I am a f***ing bum, I do live in a trailer with my mom.”

I love it.


Because… do you know how hard it is to admit your biggest shortcomings?

And even when we do, don’t we do it halfheartedly?

Like a disappointed parent, we admit our flaws – if at all.

Eminem, however… Does it proudly. He proclaims his biggest failures as if they were mighty accomplishments.

He says them plainly and openly.

And you know there is nothing you are going to do to change his mind in how he feels about it.

His mind is set, it’s certain, it’s confident.

That’s what today’s lesson is on.


If you watched the battle till the end, or know the story, the other rapper doesn’t even say a word.

He can’t.

What’s he going to do?

Make fun of eminem for something he already admitted?

How do you think that would go?


Takeaways: I have three

Well, as I said, today’s going to be quick, so I’ll give you a very quick synopsis of each.


I’ve had my fair share of shortcomings. Something I’ve learned to do is to say I suck, and mean it, before they can complain about it.

This is what I do when I walk into class late or forget to turn in homework.

What this does: It switches the frame from “I’m an arrogant, out of control, asshole.” to “I’m a lost child.”

And nobody ridicules a lost child.

I’ve gotten away with multiple things by using this exact method.




“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

^^ Sure is!

Look back at the Eminem quote at the top.

Imagine you were whi–… never mind. 🙂

Imagine you were a bum, or that you lived in a trailer at the age of (i’m guessing) early-mid 20’s, with your mom…

What do you think your mindset would be?

“Life sucks, I’m a failure.” ← if you answered honestly

Eminem’s: “I’m the shit and everyone knows it.”

Something Maxwell Maltz writes about in psycho-cybernetics (I’m paraphrasing) is to imagine how you would feel once you succeeded fully, and to feel that way now.


He has that down pat.


Don’t rap battle eminem. He will beat you.

That’s all.


I thought I’d surprise you with a semi-related, helpful hint before I say goodbye for the day.

This: Freestyling is hard.

“Yes? Continue?…”

So are improv speeches.

So are making toasts.

So are awkward conversations when you don’t know what to say.

So are…

You see what point i’m making?

Eminem… I would be willing to bet both of my testicles that he never runs into these problems.


He’s good at freestyling.

He doesn’t have any blockage in his body. He says what he says and owns it.

“I said it, I meant it, and I’m here to represent it.” – Hank Moody

Takeaway: Be good at freestyling, and you’ll be solid at coming up with something to say on the spot, for that special toast, that time you get called on in class to speak about something you have no idea about, or those really awkward conversations with cousin Frankie.

No offense to any Franks out there.

Be able to say whatever is on your mind and OWN it. Like the Eminems and the Hank Moodys of the world.


So, take action on those tips I gave today and keep doing you, boss.

And keep smelling so fantastic.

New cologne?

I could tell.


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