Don’t even open the menu..

It’s hard. I get it.

We’re constantly being bombarded with temptation.

And it’s coming from all directions. There’s junk food, Facebook, email, text, chocolate, sex, drugs, alcohol…

We’re being sold to, constantly. And the things sending these messages are good at it. Junk food, sugar, email… they all trigger the same parts of the brain as cocaine. For whatever reason, our brains are hardwired to LOVE these things.

Sucks, don’t it.


Topic of the day: How do you stay committed with all of these distractions?

It’s simple ← (Notice how I didn’t say easy)

You’ll learn why in a second, but if I’m going to use my genius paint on you, I have to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. You have to be primed first 😉 …

Obvious observation: those who get distracted vs. those who don’t are BOTH human.

Everyone screws up. Everyone loses focus, at times.

The difference between the people on top vs. the people on the bottom is one key distinction: their habits.

Let me tell you something about yourself…

You, along with everyone else, are a creature of habit.

What does that mean? It means that if you do something once, you’re more likely to do it again. And if you do something twice, you’re even more likely to do it again. And if you do it thrice..

You get the point.

Successful people know: They only have to win most of the time.

So, how do we beat temptation, procrastination, distraction, and chocolate habitually?

There’s a lot of strategies I, along with the top performers, use to keep producing at a high level every day. But today, we’ll focus on just one. And it has to do with the title of today’s message.

Don’t even open the menu

Have you heard of a man by the name of Grant Cardone? ← Pretty badass dude

I want to share something Grant’s colleague  once told me about him.

First, Grant is a dedicated dude. He works his ass off. His youtube channel alone will prove that statement true. He delivers more in a day, in an hour even, than most people deliver in a week. Some, a month.

And Grant wasn’t always this way. Being in and out of jail earlier in his life, he obviously fell victim to temptation.

Like I said.. We’re all human.

Sidenote: Do me a favor and search “Grant Cardone net worth”. If a person like Grant (possible felon) turned his life around like that, what excuse do you have?

Back to the story..

So one day Grant and his colleague went out to eat, and when the waiter came along and gave them their menu’s Grant wouldn’t take it.

Grant’s order: “Give me some protein, 
like a grilled chicken breast or a steak. 
That, and some veggies. Give me a bunch of 
veggies on the side and tall glass of water.

This is genius.

● Does Grant wait to hear the special?
● Does he look at all the tempting pictures?
● Does he even know what specialties the restaurant has to offer?

Nope. And let me tell you, he don’t give a damn.

Why? Because he knows two things that all top performers know and live by..

1. Decisions steal your willpower
2. Willpower is a limited asset. Protect it like a mother goose would her eggs.

Does this explain why you’re so tired after work or after a long test — you don’t move all day yet you feel drained?


Answer: Your WILLPOWER costs energy.

Willpower is your fuel

Think of it like an energy gauge. When you use your willpower on minutia from earlier in the day, the energy level goes down. And when you go into the fight with no energy, think about how the fight will go.

Think about a boxer, entering the ring vs. Muhammed Ali…
Think about a nascar racer going into the final 3 laps…
Think about a running back on the 1 yard line in the 4th, trying to punch it in for the game winning score…

Without energy, fuel, or power… are they going to win? ← Rhetorical

So how will you win without your respective fuel (willpower)?

Answer: You won’t.

You need it. Don’t waste it on minutia like the menu, facebook, or email. Each one of those choices is sucking away your willpower stronger than a Dyson vacuum on high.

The way to save your willpower?

Unplug the vacuum.

That means saying no to the menu, putting your phone on airplane mode, not filling your fridge with junk foods…

Do that or you won’t have any fuel left in the tank to fight the big fight, win the big race, or score when it actually matters. ← Think going to the gym, doing that homework assignment, asking that girl out… whatever your “big fight” is.


Let me tell you something about winners…

They win

Are you a winner?

Prove it.

Unplug that vacuum and take back your willpower for times that matter.

Then send me an email about how well it went.

Spencer → out.

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